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Google Kitab Dost Searchاب آپ کتاب دوست ویب سائٹ میں موجود  ڈیڑھ  ہزار  سے زائد ناولوں میں موجود کسی بھی ناول کو ایک کلک سے تلاش کر سکتے ہیں۔ اگر آپ کو کسی بھی ناول کا ام یا اس کے نام کا کوئی حصہ یاد ہو یا تاریخ تو سرچ انجن آپ کو اس نام سے تعلق تمام ناولوں کی لسٹ فراہم کرتا ہے جہاں آپ کامطلوبہ ناول ضرور موجود ہوگا۔ تو ابھی سرچ کیجئے اور اپنا بھولا کوئی بھی ناول صرف ایک لفظ لکھ کر تلاش کیجئے۔ اپنی تلاش اردو یا انگلش میں لفظ یا تاریخ کے آپشن سے کر سکتے ہیں۔۔

100 percent recommended Pakistan’s Largest Urdu Novel Website. People love to visit the best Novels in Urdu written by famous authors.

1000+ Urdu Novels in Pdf available for free download. Google Search function is available to find a range of Urdu Novels. Recently added more new public interest books and novels from the legendary writers.

Some of the most popular Urdu Novel authors are Ibn-e-Safi, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Naseem Hijazi, Nimra Ahmed, Umera Ahmed, Farhat Ishtiaq, Bano Qudsiya, Hashim Nadeem, Ashfaq Ahmed, Mazhar Kaleem, Mustansar Hussain Tarar and many.

Urdu Novel pdf – Urdu Novels Free Downloadnovel pdf files on your mobile, tab or computer. Subscribe to the list to get fresh novel updates. See the complete list of novels from famous authors.  Urdu novels free download option is available for everyone.


Suspense novels in urdu free download

IMRAN SERIES NOVELS –  عمران سیریز


Urdu Novels Free Download


Suspense novels in urdu free download



Urdu Novels Free Download


NIMRA AHMED NOVELS –  نِمرہ احمد









Most Recent Novels By New Authors – نئے مصنفین کے ناول

romantic urdu novelJawaz Novel by Shahzad Bashir Bashروح کا شکارbe kafan roohain 3DKhamosh PukarSabz Saazishaasaib zadarizwan ali soomro novelmission 3d ki tabahiJaal by Rizwan Ali SoomroNovel Phir Na Hum Hain Mission Point Blank

Pdf Urdu Novel

What is an Urdu Novel?

Urdu Novel is one of the most popular Urdu language books written on a specific topic using specific character or a group of characters on

fiction or true events / story. It has a range of defined pages as a single book. People love to read novels for their interest. Mostly a Novel has an index page with a range of chapters to define the sections and its content.

Why People love to read the Urdu Novel only on KitabDost Website?

Because this website is one of the most popular Urdu Novel websites in Pakistan with 1000+ novels in pdf for free download. This is Pakistan’s first emerging website that promote new authors under its “New Author Search Program”.

How can I Search Urdu Novels from Your Website?

Searching Urdu Novels is so simple at kitabdost.com All you need to do is just visit any page where you can find a Google Search box. This is a tool to find Urdu Novels from this website as well as on the Internet. It will quickly show you the best results and you can search in Urdu or English.

What if I forgot the Urdu Novel name but still want to find it?

If you don’t remember the full name of urdu novel and want to find it, use our Google Search tool and Just type any word from the Title of the Novel in Urdu or English. It’s just like a keyword related search. You will get a list of available Novels in Urdu English that is related to your search term.

What if I don’t get the exact results for Novels in Urdu?

Just in case you didn’t get the required novel in the novel stock, just see the link below the search results ” search for “your novel” on Google” and you can search your urdu novel on google. it’s that simple and easy.

How to find bold romantic urdu novels?

100 percent bold romantic urdu novels are going to be published very soon. the most interesting novels will be published on kitabdost website as well as its social medi a pages like facebook page, pinterest and others. The best full romantic urdu novels will be available for free download or online for everyone who wants to read online.

Are Urdu Afsanas popular in the world?

100% Urdu Novels. These famous urdu novels collection are picked up for the people who love to read the famous authors novels in urdu. This is a gift for the readers in Pakistan, India, UAE, Saudiarabia, USA, Canada, Australia, UK and all other countries where Urdu speaking community is living and want to read the best content from Urdu literature. 

Do you have a complete list of Ishtiaq Ahmed Novels Series?

Yes of course we do. 1000+ novels list. You can get a complete list of Ishtiaq Ahmed Novels of Inspector Jamshed Series, Inspector Kamran Mirza Series, Shoki Series and all Khas Numbers in chronological order order with the novels’ correct published date and publisher details.

600+ Novels complete list of Inspector Jamshed Series by Ishtiaq Ahmed

There are 600+ novels list of Inspector Jamshed Series by Ishtiaq Ahmed as an ultimate solution. You can easily find the full list of urdu novels and you are just one click away of free downloading the pdf urdu novel in few seconds.

90+ Novels complete list of Inspector Kamran Mirza Series by Ishtiaq Ahmed

We have 90+ novels list of Inspector Kamran Mirza Series from the first novel to the last novel. You can easily get the complete list of urdu novels and download for free with just one click. It’s that easy. Isn’t it?

60+ Novels complete list of Shoki Series by Ishtiaq Ahmed

A collection of 60+ novels list of Shoki Series is available for free download. You will love to get a full list of best spy detective urdu novels from the very first novel to the last. All novels are arranged by the correct number and publishing date.


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